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Posted by Cris On September - 29 - 2014

Time Management for New Texas Holdem Players

It does not matter whether you are a just a new kid on the block or a virtuoso of online poker, the online thing which matters is to win and control the negative variance.  Majority of the players classify themselves as a kind of players depending upon their choice of gaming.  You can be a cash game player, practice game player, tournament player or a veteran of S&G grinding.  The common thing between all of these classes of players is that they want to participate in their favorite game of Texas Holdem for the longest period of time thus increasing the chances of winning big.  Especially the players still learning how to play Texas Holdem are in constant search of finding the ways which can allow them to play for maximum period of time.

Even though there is a willingness to compete in a poker game for a long period of time, players are still not able to play more than six hours which is the normal limit of long sessions in poker.  It should be noted that a player can only be able to play poker for long sessions if she or he is a proficient player and has a bankroll which can support throughout the long session.  The players still learning how to play Texas Holdem can only become proficient in this game if they go through thousands of hands of this game.   In other words, it is the practice which makes a player perfect and strong enough to go through the tiring long sessions which can be a great burden on mind and soul.

For playing long session in any form of poker needs a player which is in good health and have experience enough to select a proper table, able to maintain concentration throughout the game, avoid negative variance and has the ability to quit the game when he or she feels that enough is enough.  The players learning how to play Texas Holdem should go through articles related with poker psychology in order to understand the internal working of a human mind during a long session of poker.


Posted by Cris On September - 26 - 2014

Guaranteed $10,000 Tournament by ClubWPT

There is a great opportunity for the players who are interested in online poker tournaments as ClubWPT is providing them with a chance to compete in guaranteed $10000 tournament which is scheduled for September 28, 2014.  The payouts for this tournament go a long way and this provides every player an opportunity to win some ready cash.  This tournament will also provide the players learning how to play online poker a chance to compete against worthy opponents.  For further information regarding this tournament kindly refer to the official site of ClubWPT.   This online poker site is a member of World Poker Tour and registered players on this site can participate in online poker games along with practice games.  

This online poker site also provides a great opportunity for the players from United States which are still in process of learning how to play Texas Holdem. Secondly, this online poker site does not have any issues which can press legal issues on any of its customers from all over the world.  The only kind of action which can be witnessed on this site is based on tournaments and there is no cash game which can be little bit irksome for the players who like to participate in ring games. 

The players interested in learning how to play Texas Holdem can utilize the services of free online games provided by this site to hone their skills.  With majority of online poker sites in dire straits with regards to their policies for players from United States, this site has witnessed a major influx in the number of the players form United States. There are many tournaments scheduled for the month of September, 2014; interested players should go through these schedules to make prior arrangement to participate in these tournaments.


Posted by Cris On September - 24 - 2014

Premium Money Ladder at bet365 Poker

Majority of the online poker sites attained their top ranking based on the quality of promotion provided by them from time to time.  These promotion not only attracts new clients but have the ability to curb the outflow of the existing clientele to the other online poker sites which are providing more promotions  in order to wean off the existing clientele from these casinos.  In order to provide best promotions to its clients, bet365 Poker has announced ‘Premium Money Ladder’ which will allow the player to take benefit of one thousand Pounds every week by participating in the cash games of the Sit and Go tournaments available at this online poker site.

The interested players should participate in exclusive premium tables available on this online poker site to take advantage of this offer and reach the big bonus before anyone else.  The players participating in these events are provided with coins in Texas Holdem cash games along with Sit & Gos tournaments.  The interested players can awarded double the amount by participating in both events.  For further information regarding this offer kindly refer to the official site of bet365 poker.

Bet365 is one of the top online casinos operating in the cyber world and is quite popular in the online gaming fraternity from European Union.  The operation of this casino site includes online sports betting, Bingo games and Poker.  This is at totally legitimate online casino site which is licensed and controlled by gambling authority of Gibraltar.  This top online casino site provides its registered clients with more than one hundred fifty games which includes both the table as well as slot games.  The most frequented games on Bet365 are the games like Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette.  The players which are interested in slot games can find a good collection of these games on this online casino site.




Posted by Cris On September - 17 - 2014

New Online Poker Site:  NetBet Poker

If you are looking for a new online poker site to play your favorite game of Texas Holdem then you should consider NetBet Poker.  This is one of the top ranking online poker sites and a subsidiary of iPoker Network.  This online poker site is very popular in countries of European Union particularly France and United Kingdom.  This online poker site had an earlier avatar with the name of Poker770 but later on changed the name to NetBet Poker.   Due to large sections of players originating from all over the world the software of this online poker site is available in multiple languages.  Currently this site is utilizing the services of Playtech which is known for its unique and best online gaming software.

This rising attraction of this online poker site can also be attributed to the quality of the promotions provided along with the diversity of games available here.  NetBet Poker offers great promotions for the players who like to participate in satellites of the major poker tournaments.   Even the players who like to play Texas Holdem as a hobby; this online poker site has around the clock traffic which allows the players to participate in their favorite game whenever they feel to do so.

The professional players can take benefit of the fact that majority of the players on this online poker site are the players who are new players at the online casino and sports-book run by this network.  They tend to provide soft competition and a chance to make out some dough.  Currently all versions of Texas Holdem are available on this site and interested players can also participate in Omaha and Stud along with Sit and Go Tournaments.


Posted by Cris On September - 15 - 2014

Zynga Poker-Texas Holdem on iOS

Only just a few months ago, Zynga online poker has announced that due to the rising expectations of its clients and a demand for a new improved version of this online poke site which can be accessed via any of the new mobile devices, it will be launching  a new and improved form.   To everybody’s utter surprise they had done what they had promised by launching Zynga Poker-Texas Holdem.  With this latest revision this online poker site has made some remarkable advances in the online Texas Holdem.  The updates introduced by Zynga Poker for the ever popular game of Texas Holdem have given this game a new lease of life.

The latest updates introduce a new version of Texas Holdem which features state of the art animations and audio effects.  In other you can say that a new table with new cards has been introduced by this online poker site which can allow new interface to navigate all the elements available here on this poker site.   The players with this new version can indulge in a game of Texas Holdem by just making a one click as table limits and other specifics of the game in progress are available in the lobby itself.  This new version is designed to be very precise for wagering by the players using their iphone devices.  For further information regarding this new version of Zynga Poker-Texas Holdem, kindly refer to the official site of Zynga Poker.

One of the world most prominent gambling site developer `Zynga’ launched the Zynga Poker in 2013 since then this site is one of the most popular online poker site operating in the European Union.  In its initial phase this online poker site became live in United Kingdom by using the software platform provided by  During that time the main motive behind launching this online poker site was to capitalize the availability of large clientele in United Kingdom and to increase the traffic on this site, but for some reason the number of players barely changed on this online poker site.



Posted by Cris On September - 11 - 2014

Declining Revenues of Bwin Online Poker

As per the latest H1 results out on June 31, 2014, there is a sharp fall in the revenues of Bwin Poker as compared to the previous year.  Even though the sports betting division of the Bwin has shown significant rises to the tune of more than seven percent, the online poke division has show a steep fall of more than thirty percent.  This fall in the revenues can be attributed to the facts that this online poker site has been withdrawn from Greece and other countries where online poker is not legal and the fact that Bwin Poker has not been able to establish itself in the still nascent online poker industry in the United States via their offshore partnerships and goes on to incur a loss of more than seven million euros for the first quarter of current financial year.

The main crux of this decline in revenue has been contributed to the operations in the online poker segment in New Jersey, where main decline has been reported.  As per the financial report, online poker is still one of most underperforming segment of Bwin.  Even the number of registered players opting for the online poker sites operated by this company has fallen by eleven percent and new customer base has been down by more than four percent as compared to previous year.  The good news for Bwin Group is that its other divisions i.e. casino games, bingo and sports betting took less hits thus keeping hopes high for the next quarter of this financial year.

In order to regain their lost footings, Bwin has decided to take stringent steps to control this deflation in the revenues by opting for shake up at the top level of the management which includes restructuring of the senior management and to improve the product range especially in the online poker division which has faced the brunt of this disappointing financial quarter.  The other measures include reducing the costs to the tune of twenty million Euros by 2015 and selling of some of the company assets to raise more than fifty million dollars.

Posted by Cris On September - 8 - 2014

Claims Reimbursement Closed by FullTilt Poker

The process of reimbursing the money of the registered clients has at last come to a stop and it will be quite difficult for the players who had not taken the advantage of this moment to get back their money which was still laying this online poker site.  FullTilt Poker was one of the most prominent online poker sites catering to millions of players throughout the world wherever the online poker was legal.  It was a favorite haunt of the online poker enthusiasts where they engaged in their favorite poker variants for entertainment and in a hope to gain some extra money.  The fund management by this online poker site was one of the best features which attracted a lot of players to FullTilt Poker as they were not sure about the legality of other online poker site. 

It was common that some rogue online poker sites just shut down and players were cheated out of their hard earned money.  On the other hand, FullTilt Poker was in the business for last many years and had earned a reputation to be the leader of online poker.  FullTilt Poker stopped its operation in United States on Black Friday and thousand of players were not able claim their funds.  When Garden City Group announced the takeover of FullTilt Poker, they were committed to reimburse the money of the players thus they allowed the players to make petitions to the United States government for reimbursement.

The last date for accepting these petitions was set up for September 3, 2014 and the players who did not make any petitions are now left without any other option which can allow them to have their money back from the FullTilt Poker.  More than 3200 players were able to take benefit of this claim settlement process, but majority of the professional players were not able to take advantage and now it seems that they will not be able to claim their money from FullTilt in future also.

Posted by Cris On September - 4 - 2014

Blackjack Cash Back by UWin Poker

In their latest promotions, UWin Poker is providing its registered clients to earn cash back of ten percent limited to $250 by participating in Blackjack on every Wednesday.  This is a great opportunity for the players suffering through negative variance and has not been able to make out a positive outcome from their recent games as the cash back given by UWin poker makes it a win-win situation for every player.   The bonuses will be based on the amount of money lost by the players during Blackjack sessions throughout the NFL season.  This bonus will be available to the qualified players within twenty four hours.     

This online poker site is part of the Everleaf Gaming Network.  UWin Poker is a legitimate online poker site which provides free as well as real money games for the players learning how to play Texas Holdem.  This online poker site is regulated and controlled by Lottery and Gaming Authority of Malta.  Currently this poker site is providing different variants of Poker such as Texas Holdem, Omaha and Stud.  The best time for the players to take benefit of the maximum presence of the players is during the peak hour that is during the European hours as this site has a huge following of the players from United Kingdom and other countries of European Union.

The players learning how to play Texas Holdem can join this site and take benefit of the sign-up bonus provided by UWin Poker.  This sign up bonus can help a player to start his poker career with a suitable bankroll thus allowing him or her to participate in maximum number of games. 




Posted by Cris On September - 1 - 2014

Summer Daily Challenge Shootouts at PokerStars

Poker stars has managed again to trump the promotions made by other online poker sites by introducing summer daily challenges for the registered clients of this top ranking online poker site.  Under this promotion, PokerStars is providing more than $500,000 and a chance to participate in World Championship of Online Poker.   The registered clients of this online poker site can participate in this promotion by logging into special Summer Daily Challenge window in the client section of PokerStars.  The qualified players are provided with a new challenge every day.  This promotion is valid from August 12, 2014 to September 4, 2014.

The players participating in summer challenge will have their growth scrutinized on daily basis and on the successful completion of the daily rounds he or she will be provided with All-In Shootout Ticket which will authorize the holder to participate in Summer All-In Shoot which is available on daily basis starting at 14:05 ET.  To know more about the terms and conditions related to this promotional offer kindly refer to the official site of PokerStars.

Apart for this promotion there is a variety of games and great promotions programs provided by this online poker site which attracts a lot of new players every day along with a controlled attrition of the old players.  Currently PokerStars is providing two forms of signup bonuses to its new clients.  One of them is a 600 dollars sign up bonus and the other one is a $20 dollar sign up bonus.  The players still learning how to play Texas Holdem can choose any one of these bonus issues if they are considering joining this site in this month as this bonus offer can be quite beneficial for them.


Posted by Cris On August - 27 - 2014

Triple Play Draw Poker at Grosvenor Casino

The online poker player enthusiasts can play an authentic video poker with nine tables at a single time by opting for triple play draw poker at Grosvenor casino.  The basis strategies involved with online poker clearly mentions that in order to create more chances to big win, a player should be ready to participate in multiple hands at a single time.  This not only increases the chances of winning more money but also compensate for the shortage of time faced by players due to their busy schedules. 

This game allows the player to have three hands of poker at a single event which creates three chances for the player to make a poker hand more likely.  The cards dealt to the player on the first hand are imitated in the other ones and player is provided with the facility of hand replacement from three separate decks which again increases the probability of hitting the right card more probable.  This game has the ability to pay the players with three times the standard amount of payouts as seen in the usual poker games.  For further information regarding this game, kindly refer to the official site of Grosvenor casino.

Grosvenor online casino is one of the subsidiaries under the flagship of Grosvenor Casinos which is controlled by Rank Group and abides by rules and regulations of Alderney Gambling Control Commission.  More than 35 casinos are operating in United Kingdom under this brand and they have a huge presence both physically and online for the players interested in gambling.  This online casino has acquired a huge reputation because of its great promotions and customer centric activities.   One of the greatest promotions currently provided by this casino includes ‘Play Points’ which is a fantastic reward program for the registered players of this casino.