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Posted by admin On April - 1 - 2013

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Win poker tournaments has never been easier than that! If you follow this strategy, you will have more chances to win poker tournaments, both online and live!

This tip may be the most important, because it is depending on the context of the game that you have to understand how to act. First of all, to win poker tournaments you need to accumulate chips.
When you get a good hand there is always need to have a good number of chips is always looking for an opportunity to put pressure on his opponent, although in hand we have only a couple of figures. It’s an aggressive game that can build your stack or throw off opponents from the tournament, using some tips and tricks.

Because you have to accumulate a large number of chips? To go all-in with hands good or raise the stakes. We describe the situation. You are in the middle of Texas poker tournament. The blinds are 200-400 euro. If you own euro 10.500 and you are in late position, and you know that the table has a total of 20, ooo euros, what you should do?
Let’s say on your pot there are  2.000 euro. You have less than 8 times initial collection. If you are all-in, you’re likely to lose the 20% of your stack if your opponent makes the pot committed. And if he refuses the game, the following occurs: a) your opponent fold and so does increase your stack by almost 20%.
b) his opponent calls to see the cards, and you could double your money total.

In short, if you understand how to play the all-in, we understand that is the best option. Win poker tournaments is very risky, but to win you have to play!

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